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Sidney Lens

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Sidney Lens (1912-1986) was a labor activist, historian, and author of many books on foreign affairs, American History and social movements. He was senior editor for The Progressive Magazine, and his articles appeared in Harpers, The Nation, Harvard Business Review, The New York Times and elsewhere.  

His best-known books include The Military-Industrial Complex, The Day Before Doomsday, The Labor Wars and Permanent War: The Militarization of America. He also wrote books for young readers, including Vietnam: A War on Two Fronts, and The Bomb. His The Forging of the American Empire, originally published in 1974, was reissued in 2003 by Haymarket Books with a new Introduction by Howard Zinn.  

His autobiography, The Unrepentant Radical: An American Activist’s Account of Five Turbulent Decades, was published by Beacon Press.

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