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Jim Kjelgaard


Jim Kjelgaard was born in the Pennsylvania mountains and grew up living an outdoor life with his brothers. His formal education ended with high school, but his desire to learn and communicate lasted all his life. He wanted to write of the things he knew: the animals and people who lived close to the natural world he loved. He did so with considerable talent and clarity, producing many magazine articles, short stories, and some forty books, until he became a classic author for young adults. He loved his animal companions and always had dogs with him. Everything interested him: history, languages, anthropology. He had a gift for listening to others and making them feel at ease. His last years were spent in the Arizonan Sonoran desert, which he also grew to love. He left behind his writings, which have proved a gift to many.


Forest Patrol (1941)

Rebel Siege (1943)

Big Red (1945)

Buckskin Brigade (1947)

Snow Dog (1948)

Kalak of the Ice (1949)

A Nose for Trouble (1949)

Wild Trek (1950)

Chip the Dam Builder (1950)

Irish Red (1951)

Fire-hunter (1951)

The Explorations of Pere Marquette (1951)

Trailing Trouble (1952)

Outlaw Red (1953)

The Spell of the White Sturgeon (1953)

The Coming of the Mormons (1953)

Haunt Fox (1954)

Cracker Barrel Trouble Shooter (1954)

Lion Hound (1955)

The Lost Wagon (1955)

Desert Dog (1956)

Trading Jeff and His Dog (1956)

Wildlife Cameraman (1957)

Cochise, Chief of Warriors (1957)

Double Challenge (1957)

We Were There at the Oklahoma Land Run (1957)

Wolf Brother (1957)

Swamp Cat (1957)

Rescue Dog of the High Pass (1958)

The Land is Bright (1958)

The Black Fawn (1958)

The Story of Geronimo (1958)

Hi Jolly! (1959)

Stormy (1959)

Ulysses & his Woodland Zoo (1960)

Boomerang Hunter (1960)

The Duck-Footed Hound (1960)

Tigre (1961)

Hidden Trail (1962)

Fawn in the Forest & other Wild Animal Stories (1962)

Two Dogs & a Horse (1964)

Furious Moose of the Wilderness (1965)

Dave and His Dog, Mulligan (1966)

Coyote Song (1969)

The Hunter Returns (with David Drake)

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