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Eric Kotani


Eric Kotani, pseudonym for Dr. Yoji Kondo, has authored seven SF novels, including LEGACY OF PROMETHEUS. He has edited REQUIEM: NEW COLLECTED WORKS OF ROBERT A. HEINLEIN AND TRIBUTES TO THE GRAND MASTER. Kondo headed the astrophysics laboratory at NASA Johnson Space Center during the Apollo and Skylab Missions and served as director of a NASA satellite observatory for 15 years. He has held professorship at several universities and was President of International Astronomical Union Commission on Astronomy from Space. He has published over 200 papers and edited 11 volumes including "Interstellar Travel and Multi-Generation Space Ships". He received the NASA Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement among other honors and was given the Isaac Asimov Memorial Award in 2003. Asteroid #8072 has been named Yojikondo.


SUPERNOVA with Roger McBride Allen

ACT OF GOD with John Maddox Roberts

THE ISLAND WORLDS with John Maddox Roberts

BETWEEN THE STARS with John Maddox Roberts

DELTA PAVONIS with John Maddox Roberts

Star Trek: The Next Generation: DEATH OF A NEUTRON STAR

LEGACY OF PROMETHEUS with John Maddox Roberts

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