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Edmond Hamilton


Edmond Hamilton was a major influence on the development of the science fiction and space opera genres. He is credited for bringing a number of words and concepts into the sf field, such as Control Helment, De-atomizing Ray, Field-Projector, Gravity Neutralizing Disks, and Planetary Propulsion-Blasts. Hamilton started college at the age of 14, planning to become an electrical engineer. Instead he left college early, began writing, and his first professionally published story “The Monster-God of Mamurth” appeared in 1926. He was a prolific writer, with stories appearing in about a dozen names. His Captain Future, Interstellar Patrol, Starwolf novels and those featuring his character John Gordon remain popular. Hamilton was married to writer Leigh Brackett.


John Gordon Series

          The Star Kings

          Return to the Stars


Interstellar Patrol Series 

          Outside the Universe

          Crashing Suns


Captain Future Series

          Calling Captain Future

          Captain Future and the Space Emperor

          Galaxy Mission

          The Comet Kings

          Danger Planet

          Magician of Mars

          Outlaw World

          Planets in Peril

          Quest Beyond the Stars

          Captain Future's Challenge

          Outlaws of the Moon

          The Tenth Planet


Starwolf Series

          The Weapon from Beyond

          The Closed Worlds

          World of the Starwolves

          Starwolf (omnibus)


The Time-Raider (1927)

The Star Stealers (1929)

Within the Nebula (1929)

The Comet Drivers (1930)

The Cosmic Cloud (1930)

The Sun People (1930)

Conquest of Two Worlds (1932)

The Horror On the Asteroid (1936)

The Lake of Life (1937)

Murder in the Clinic (1945)

Tiger Girl (1945)

The Monsters of Juntonheim (1950)

Tharkol, Lord of the Unknown (1950)

City at World's End (1951)

The Star of Life (1959)

The Sun Smasher (1959)

The Haunted Stars (1960)

Battle for the Stars (1961)

The Valley of Creation (1964)

Fugitive of the Stars (1965)

Doomstar (1966)

The Harpers of Titan (1967)

A Yank At Valhalla (1973)

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