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Charles E. Gannon


Dr. Charles E. Gannon (Distinguished Professor at SBU and Fulbright Senior Specialist from 2004-2009) pens the hard-sf epic, Tales of Terra (Baen). He also writes in several series, such as the Ring of Fire (Baen, wth Eric Flint), and Starfire (Baen, with Steve White). He has also produced short fiction for these universes, as well as for "War World", "Man-Kzin Wars", Analog, and "The Honorverse." 

Dr. Gannon belongs to SIGMA, the "SF think-tank" that advises intelligence and defense agencies; has been a featured expert on the Discovery Channel, NPR, others; and has written/designed games (GDW's Traveller, 2300 AD, more) He has also been a scriptwriter/producer for clients such as the UN and the World Health Organization, and his non fiction book, Rumors of War and Infernal Machines, won the 2006 ALA Choice Award.

Holding degrees from Brown, Syracuse, and Fordham, Dr. Gannon has been a Fulbright Fellow in England, Scotland, and the Czech Republic, and received Fulbright and Embassy Travel grants to these countries plus The Netherlands, Slovakia, England, and Italy.


Tales of the Terran Republic series / Caine Riordan

Fire With Fire (2013) Book One. Nebula Award Finalist and Winner of the Compton Crook Memorial Award

Trial By Fire (2014) Book Two.

Raising Caine (2015)

Caine's Mutiny (2017)

Marque of Caine (2019)


Starfire series

Extremis (w. Steve White). Book Six of the Starfire series. (2011)

Imperative. Book Seven of the Starfire series. (2016)

Oblivion. Book Eight of the Starfire series. (2018)


Ring of Fire series

1635: The Papal Stakes (with Eric Flint). Set in the Ring of Fire universe. (2012)

1636: The Vatican Sanction (with Eric Flint). Set in the Ring of Fire universe. (2017)


Non Fiction

Rumors of War and Infernal Machines: Technomilitary Agenda-setting in American and English Speculative Fiction. 2nd ed. (2005)

>>> For more information, please visit Charles E. Gannon's website by clicking on the image or link below

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