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Nancy Kress

Nancy Kress is the author of 36 books, including 25 novels, four full-size and three mini- collections of short stories, and three books about writing. Her work has won five Nebulas, two Hugos, a Sturgeon, and a John W. Campbell Memorial award (for PROBABILITY SPACE). The novels include science fiction, fantasy, and thrillers. Her most recent work is the Nebula-winning and Hugo-nominated AFTER THE FALL, BEFORE THE FALL, DURING THE FALL, a short novel about ecological disaster, time travel, and human resiliency. Much of Nancy's science fiction concerns genetic engineering, which she sees as humanity's future. She often teaches writing during summer workshops, notably Taos Toolbox in New Mexico. Nancy lives in Seattle with her husband, writer Jack Skillingstead, and Cosette, the world's most spoiled toy poodle.


Nebula: "Out of All Them Bright Stars," Best Short Story 1985
Nebula: "Flowers of Aulit Prison," Best Novelette 1997
Nebula: "Beggars In Spain," Best Novella 1991
Nebula: "Fountain of Age," Best Novella 2007
Nebula: "Before the Fall, After the Fall, During the Fall," Best Novella 2012
Nebula: "Yesterday's Kin," Best Novella 2015
Hugo: "Beggars in Spain," Best Novella 1992
Hugo: "The Erdmann Nexus," Best Novella 2009
Sturgeon: "The Flowers of Aulit Prison" 1997
John W. Campbell Memorial Award: Probability Space 2003
Locus Award: "Before the Fall, After the Fall, During the Fall" 2013
2014 Nebula Award for Best Novella "Yesterday's Kin"




The Best of Nancy Kress (2015)
After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall (Tachyon Press, 2012)
Flash Point (Young Adult, Viking, 2012)
Fountain of Age and Other Stories (Small Beer Press, 2012)

Steal Across the Sky (Tor, 2009)

Yesterday's Kin Trilogy:
  Tomorrow's Kin Book One
  If Tomorrow Comes: Book Two
  Terran Tomorrow: Book Three
The Beggars Trilogy:
  Beggars in Spain (Avon, 1993)
Beggars and Choosers (Tor, 1994)
  Beggars Ride (Tor, 1996)
  Oaths and Miracles (Tor/Forge, 1996)
  Stinger (Tor/Forge, 1998)
  Dogs (Tachyon, 2008)
Probability Moon (Tor, 2000)
Probability Sun (Tor, 2001)
Probability Space (Tor, 2002)
Future Perfect: Six Stories of Genetic Engineering (Arc Manor, 2012)
The Body Human: Three Stories of Future Medicine (Arc Manor, 2012)
AI Unbound: Two Stories of Artificial Intelligence (Arc Manor, 2012)
Nano Comes to Clifford Falls and Other Stories (Golden Gryphon, 2008)
Nothing Human (Golden Gryphon, 2003)
Crossfire (Tor, 2003)
Crucible (Tor, 2004)
Nebula Awards Showcase (edited by Nancy Kress, Roc, 2003)
Beaker's Dozen (collection, Tor, 1998)
Maximum Light (Tor, 1998)
The Aliens of Earth (collection, Arkham House, 1993)
Brain Rose (William Morrow, 1990)
An Alien Light (Arbor House, 1988)
The White Pipes (Bluejay, 1985)
Trinity and Other Stories (Bluejay, 1985)
The Golden Grove (Bluejay, 1984)
The Prince of Morning Bells (Pocket Books, 1981)
Writing as Anna Kendall, A Young Adult fantasy trilogy):
  Crossing Over (Viking, 2010)
  Dark Mist Rising (Gollancz, 2011)
  A Bright and Terrible Sword (Gollancz, 2012)
Non-fiction books on writing:
  Beginnings, Middles, and Ends (Writers Digest Books, 1993)
  Dynamic Characters (Writers Digest Books, 1998)

Characters, Emotion, and Viewpoint (Writers Digest Books, 2005)